A Guide To Shirt Collars

One of the many advantages of getting a Made to Measure shirt is choosing your type of collar. It sounds simple but it is such an exciting experience, its like choosing your new car rims.  Either way, if you choose to buy a Made to Measure shirt, after reading this article you´ll most likely discover something new and find interest in something you never thought before: The Collar.


 A basic in open collars that mantains an impeccable and fabulous form.

There is not much to specify about the Kingston collar. Only that it´s identified for having a moderate length, adequate for the majority of men. Of open collars, Kingston is the most popular for a simple reason: It works well for anyone on any occasion. You want to use it with a specific tie knot? No problem! It will work with any knot from a simple Four-in-Hand to a double Windsor.  

You want to use it opened? Thats fine! The type of collar looks great without a tie, even leaving your shirt fully buttoned up; neither too thick to be rakish or too narrow to look strange and give the appearence that you sell bibles. Kingston is the  “Mr. Collar” and there is no way that you wouldnt have a shirt like it.


A unique and attractive style. Depend on it and look 10 years younger. 

A special rounded style with a touch of design.  The Cambridge Collar was born as a clandestine uniform in the University of Eton, distinguishing its student elite in, well, every part of the world. The easy-to-use style, has been popular through out the years by people like the golfer in the beginning of the XX Bobby Jones century and, more recently, by Nucky Thompson in the HBO show, Boardwalk Empire.                                                                                                     

The round corners of the Cambridge collar offer an unusual style away from the norm, and an extroardinary difference that only the most courageous and confident people will take on through. 


Elegant and sporty at the same time. The question is, “With or without a tie”? 

An American classic. Like we all know, the buttoned collar will never go out of fashion especially not this version. For some, the long end points of the collar can feel a little hard and extremely conserving. Yet, our smaller buttons and shorter ends offer a more modern look, always maintaining the same informal American elegance of these buttoned collars, and making our Paul BD a hybrid of elegance and simplicity

This version is adequate for men looking for something proportional to their size, for slim men with an average height. Thus, the reason why the option can be considered if you use sizes off the rack in the “Large” range.


A traditional collar with versatile traits.

Paul is a traditional option for those who like a simple and traditional collar that works well within the majority of sizes and forms. It falls between a collar with larger or traditional end points and collars with a more modern extension like our Kingston. When used with a tie, it will work with the most common knots, although its most natural accompaniment is a simple “Four in Hand”.

 Our Paul collar has the proportions of the classic measurements and can be applied perfectly with every style, meaning that you will flaunt in both casual ocassions and gala ones.


Longer for the connoisseurs and traditionalists.

Our Bolton collar is an expansion of our standard Paul BD that although its minimal detail, has a great visual difference. It´s obviously an American style but shoots more towards the feel of English sports like tennis, polo, golf and any taking place in the outside air. It symbolizes that classic aesthetics with a passion for sports.

We are considered very fond of Paul BD and Bolton, because they are the kind of shirts that can´t be absent in any masculine wardrobe. They are a basic, and whatever is being worn thats elegant or casual, with or without a tie, they will be a success in every moment. Bolton is the truest expression of the classical style in a buttoned collar.


A traditional style that emphasizes any tie.

An ultra traditional collar. The most narrow of our list and ideal for thinner tie knots, but its angle also perfectly frames thicker tie knots which becomes suitable for anyone´s taste. During the last decades it has had a lot of popularity and that´s because a traditional style is also a basic that can´t be left out. 

There are no limits in the use of this garment and without a doubt, within political and religious events, funerals and for lets say, “extreme traditionalists”, it´s a hit. Under a critical eye, this collar in specific goes great without a tie.


Cutting edge, original, innovative, unusual, and perfect. 

We say its perfect because it truly is, but specifically,  its open form and straight angles make it go well with any type of collar, face and even feature. If the shirt is fully buttoned up, there is no way it can be left without a tie. It was born to be used with a good knot no less than a half  Windsor.

 It´s acceptable to use it unbuttoned as it gives it a great look. It´s ideal for a gala and for being so short it can go perfectly well with a bowtie. This collar adapts to everything, but like we said, we have to be carefull with the tie knots because not every type is suitable for it..  


Subtle and stylized. By definition, less is more. 

The incomparable Oxford has a narrower opening than a Lutton or Kingston, and is evidently more spread than a York but being in the limbo of a narrow collar and one that is completely spread, makes it magnificant. And this is because it has the perfect size to go with a thin tie knot without looking unbalanced, it continues to look good being unbuttoned, and without being so spread out, fits into the category of a traditional shirt. 

Oxford is a collar that is extremely recommended to use in a semiformal way, or those who want to look elegant dressing in a casual way. It´s a kind of collar that is versatile, jovial, and above all, it´s the ídeal shirt for the fanatics for ties with contrasting prints, ones that in fact should go with very stylized knots.

Now that you are a connoisseur of shirt collars, make sure to have atleast five shirts with one of these eight tips in collars within your collection and use them correctly.