“Harris & Frank shows a constant passion for fabrics, innovation and elegant wear“.


During his summers in Oxford, Javier would take advantage of small jobs that would add some extra pounds to his pocket. It was during one of his daily routines where he met Harry Blake and Frank Morgan. During that time, Blake and Morgan imported Italian fabrics in the United kingdom. Their constant travels to the Italian capital forced them to leave the business for several weeks preventing them from growing at the pace they wanted.

But everything changed when Harry and Javier met eachother aboard the same train wagon. 

Sitting face to face, Blake was impressed by the neatness and elegance of Javiers impeccable look despite his short age. This sparked a friendly conversation between them, culminating an invitation from Harry, asking Javier to his workshop. A week later Javier had joined the ranks of Blake and Morgan´s workshop, slowly immersing himself in the world of fashion.

Javier started with small tasks; outlining, cutting, organizing. But he was always keen to help and further learn.  

In short time, Blake and Morgan realized that his proactivity was extremely useful and later on became an indispensable member of the business. As a result, Blake and Morgan started introducing to Javier the secrets of the business.

Little by little, the three started growing together and Harry and Frank started giving Javier more responsabilities having already learned everything related to the making and the construction of a Suit. After expanding the horizons, what had begun as a fabric importing business, had now become a prestigious house of fashion that Javier became part of until 1983.

The following year after his return to Mexico, Javier started working in Rivetex, one of the most important textile fabrics during the time. A decade later, after his experience in the company and having worked for many others, Javier managed to fulfill his dream of opening his own workshop in 2010, which he proudly named Harry and Frank in honor of the teachings of his mentors.


Currently, the company is lead by Javiers children: Pablo, Daniella and Ivan, who like their parents inherited the likings for fashion.

With seven stores across the Mexican Republic and the desire to conquer International terrain, Harris & Frank has positioned itself as an iconic store, satisfying demanding clientele with season collections in every boutique and an excellent service in shirts and suits made to measure, giving exceptional, quality work in every piece.

Harris & Frank is a dream that has begun to shape itself through the tenacity and curiosity of its creators, breaking barries through out different generations and learning to adapt the brand to new tendencies and lifestyles.