Where to go for the long weekend?

Finally, the first (without counting January 1st) official day off of the new year is here. A much needed break after 5 weeks of intense work. So in case you were wondering where to go, we got a few suggestions for you.


Valle de Guadalupe

Located in Baja California, near Tijuana, Valle de Guadalupe is the biggest wine region in Mexico. But don't worry if you're not a big fan of wine there are plenty of other options for you out there.

- Most of the vineyards have won international prices for their wine. You can take a tour and learn how they make their wine and become a connoisseur while enjoying a wine - tasting experience.

- The landscape there is to die for, like The Salto de Guadalupe; a beautiful waterfall where you can do rappel or just admire the view and take memorable pictures.

- The main city is Ensenada; there you can enjoy their amazing sunny beaches all year round and take advantage of their many water sports, like surfing.

-In Baja California its all about the food; it's location on the coast offers a great variety of fresh seafood. The area also has local producers of artisan cheese, organic fruit and vegetables.


Punta Mita

Who doesn't love crystal waters and sandy feet? With this crazy weather nothing is more tempting than to run away to Riviera Nayarit on a long weekend.

You can choose to spend all day in your hotel enjoying the amenities or you can go exploring the town and its many activities.

- The Sea Market is a great place to walk around and find a variety of local seafood.

- But if you'd rather spend the day under the sun, you have many beaches to choose from.

- For water sport lovers you can find a lot of options like scuba diving, snorquel and surf.

- And last but not least there is nothing like the local cuisine, with fresh products and options on different restaurants, depending on you taste and budget.

Trust us, you'll never want to leave this paradise.



Even though you can go and come back the same day, we recommend you to spend the long weekend there, so you can enjoy the full city and its surroundings.

- Queretaro is a historical city, that's why most of its arquitecture is based on another era. One of the most impressive things to see is the aqueduct built in the XVIII century, it doted the hole city with fresh water.

- Near Queretaro is Peña de Bernal; a monolith so big that is one of the biggest in the world. You can go up to the middle and see a gratifying view, or go higher but you'll need to be an expert in abseiling because there is no option of walking.

- If you prefer to lay down and relax, Queretaro counts with vineyards; choose to do a tour in any of them and finish the day with a wine-tasting experience.

- Want to go on a little road trip? San Miguel de Allende is a step away from Queretaro, you can go for the day and get to know the town's beautiful arquitecture and its diversity in local handcraft.



Located in Morelos, Tepoztlan is also a Magical Town based on the start of the Tepozteco hill. With it's cercany to Mexico City, it is perfect for a day getaway.

- If you're in great shape, or want to give it a try, we recommend climbing the Tepozteco; reaching the top you will find a remarkable view and one of Mexico's most ancient pyramids.

- Take a walk in the local town where you can find local hand-made products and delicious food like Itacates, which are maize triangles that you fill with traditional options, like cheese, grasshoppers, etc.

- If you prefer a restaurant there are different options for you and all of them are well served and welcoming. Wherever you choose to go you will eat like a king.


So, where will you go this weekend?

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