When details matter

Let’s be honest, in today’s world everyone has the need to express themselves; that’s the game point of details. Those subtle things are the ones who are going to make you pop out from the rest and make you memorable. The secret is to have something that helps you express yourself in a non verbal way.

 The special thing about details is that the name itself says it all. They’re about the little touches, those subtle things that allow you to personalize everything without looking like you’re overdoing it.

We’re going to start from top to bottom mentioning the little details you can add to your formal look, and give it that extra touch.



First there’s the tie. This is an important aspect of the look because it’s one of the first things people see. After all, it’s purely a decorative accessory.

Nowadays we have a lot of options when it comes to ties. The range goes from different colors to different cuts, all the way to the texture.

 If your thing is the color, try mixing it up a little bit. Instead of wearing a tie that matches the color of the suit, you can play with it an add a pop of color. How about wearing a colorful geometric printed pattern on your tie?  Or maybe something more bold? Like tiny bicycles or lots of tiny pears.

Nothing like a color pattern to bring out the extra touch on your tie. Trust us, you’ll still look elegant.

You can choose to play with the width of the tie. They’re many designers who now are choosing to make slim and super slim ties.

The normal width of a tie is between 8.2-8.9 cm; the most common cut.

The slim tie width is between 6.9-7.6 cm. You may think it’s not that big of a change, but when it comes to ties you can see the difference.

The last one is the super slim tie, which comes in 3.8-6.3 cm. This look is a more modern approach that not too many dare to try. But if you do, we suggest you to do it with some texture.

 When we talk about texture we mean it! A knitted tie would definitely do the trick.

How about combining texture and color? You could always opt for a one color, like a classic navy blue or try an unexpected color like lemon green.  Or, you can also find some with stripes or color blocks. Either way you wont pass unnoticed.



Like we mention the little touches are the ones that matter. That’s where cufflinks come in. They’re the earrings of the suit, by that we mean that it’s a small detail that never goes unnoticed. You can have them in different materials, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a classic and elegant look, a pair of silver or gold cufflinks will do the job, and if you want to add that extra, look for the ones with gemstone incrustations.

If you’re more of a preppy kind of guy, the knot cufflinks are for you; they’re made 100% with yarn that normally has multiple colors, giving you a casual look.

 Let’s talk a little bit more about the shape; this depends totally on your personality. You can opt for a classic look or a fun one in the form of bicycles or tennis balls. The point of this is to make it easier for you to be yourself without losing elegance.



Another detail that wont pass unnoticed is the personalized shirts. The way of doing this is by adding your initials to the cuff of the shirt. Remember that it’s a small detail so you should only put your initials, don’t over do it by trying to put your whole name.



If by now you’re really into the details, nothing can match the ones from a made to measure suit. You can choose from the lining to the style of the buttons. So let your imagination fly.



The last detail, is one not too many people put attention to… socks! These are the fun part of the outfit. You can find different designs that will suit your personality.

The old fashion look; these are the one color pair that match everything. The colors can either be blue, black or grey; you can never go wrong with these.

If you´re looking for something more fun, I recommend the use of colors and patterns. Which offer you many options to choose from. You can choose a pair of solid blue with pink polka dots or ones with color lines on them. The trick is to is to match the color of your socks with one on your suit or outfit.

In case you´re more of an extravagant kind of guy, the graphic novel or cartoon socks are perfect for you. The name pretty much says it all, so just have fun with them.



As we say it before, details matter. Those are the ones that will make you unforgettable among the people that you meet, and will help you express your personality. So remember a little touch can go a long way.


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