Watch brands that took design a step further.


Watches, what about them? Well everything if you ask the right person. It was a long time ago when people use to use watches just to tell time, now you will be surprised to know where the industry has gotten.

A watch is more than a good looking accesory, now a watch can do a lot more than tell the time and be the perfect complement to your midnight blue suit. Now a watch can give you the phase of the moon and the date with a precision you will be astounted. If you're into sports you should know that some models can trace your heart and respiratory rate.

We could stay here talking about watch characteristics but there is no point in having a good machine if no one can see it; that's why a good design is everything.


Here are some brands that knew how to take a good design to the next level.

Lange & Söhne

It's origins trace back to Germany 1845. This is a brand that knew it's essence since day one and implemented it in every one of their watches. The essence of a Lange & Söhne watch is the discrete elegance; the antithesis of vulgarity; it's a watch that you know will wear well over time. That's why their watches are considered amongst the most prestigious out there.

One of the watches that represents the brand essence mix with a touch of moderness is The Zeitwerk. This watch carries a digital display but it's 100% mechanical. Made of 18k white gold, it has 3 discs each with a specific task, to tell hours, tenths and minutes. This puts the power reserve to a test, but don't worry this watch will never fail you.

The case is 44.2mm and it's thickness is at 13.6mm. You may think that it's big and weights a lot but keeping in mind it's beautiful design, we say it's worth it. 



Arnold & Son

If your style is a bit more on the modern side then this brand is your match. The English brand was founded in 1736, so you can be sure they know what they're doing. It's essence can be defined like a fusion of contemporary. American hip-hop culture and traditional British timekeeping design; like the leather strap which has become kind of like their signature.

The Pyramid watch will never pass unnoticed. It's large 44.6mm wide 18k red gold watch that operates at 21,600 bhp with a power reserve of 90 hours. People who have this watch are looking for the exclusivity and aesthetics that the brand provides. With its constant dial movement you will get ammused only by looking at it and forget to check the time. 



Jacob & Co.

This brand takes the word design to another universe, quite literally. Founded in 1896 their designs are loved by the american music industry. In 2014 they came out with a saga called Astronomy, a true mix of art and engineering. The case is 18k rose gold, 50mm wide and 25mm thick; you can have it in a version with or without diamonds. With a 48hr. power reserve and a tourbillon that operates at 2.5 Hz. there's more to this watch than what meets the eye. 

Ley's talk about why there's a disco ball in the watch? Well, it's supposed to represent the moon. And it's not only there for viewing pleasure but for strict functionality; it helps keep the weight balanced between the earth and its counterparts.

Being discrete is not what this brand or its clients are aiming for, so be ready to be stared at in a good way.



Roger Dubuis

Over the years the brand founded in 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland took a drastic change in its clientele; the brand modern approach lead the way to their new customers, the millennials.

They have partenered up with Pirelli and Lamborghini, which some may argue is a weird partnership but they saw a way where they perfectly match. Pirelli is a tire manufacturer which supplies Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis, yes you read it right, they use the rubber for their watch straps. And if you want to go deeper in that thought the people who want to have a Lamborghini are the same who will buy a Roger Dubuis watch.

The brand is mostly known for its notorious watches like the Excalibur or the Skeleton model; these models have a powerful mechanical content, a diameter of 42mm and a power reserve of 60 hours, as well as a well thought design that trust us, will put your ability to read time at a test. 



The brands understood that a watch is a statement piece, the final compilation is everything. If it's true that you can't be unique in all features, you can be unique in design, and that's what's going to get your brand recognized.

If you're like us, by now you are wishing to have at least one of this master pieces. You should know that all of these watches enter into the luxury classification, that means its precision is incomparable and its mechanical functions are perfect. Of course they also come with a price tag that matches, so if you want one you better start saving. In the end it will be worth it. 


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