Should I wear a tie?

Have you ever wondered if you should wear a tie with a certain neckline or if you can apply the business casual code? Some shirts are meant to be worn with a tie and others not so much, the trick is to know which ones are perfect for the after hours and which ones should stay between office hours.

It's all about the collar; for you to succed you need to pay attention to this part, this one will tell you whether you wear a tie or if you can go without one.

In order to identify the different types of collars we rounded up a little guide for you to follow whenever you're in doubt.


Spread collar

You may not recognize it by its name, but this one is the most popular collar out there. As you may assume the name is a reference about the space between the two collar points. These ones can vary in width or angle, that's what makes it the most dynamic and easy to wear because in this style the tie is optional.

Spread collar

Forward Point Collar

This collar is all about tradition; when it was invented you couldn't visualize a shirt without a tie. The flaps are slightly harder than others and could even be difficult to manage them.

You can find this style in both button down or buttonless. With the buttonless you can get a little creative with the knot tie, adding a stylish touch.

Forward Point Collar

Button Down Collar

As the name says it, the flaps of the collar are held in place by two buttons, one on each side. The style works either for a formal environment as a casual one. That's why the tie in here is optional.

Button Down Collar

Club Collar

This style was a hit back in the days and is slowly making a comeback. The look is more casual and the collar works perfectly for a formal environment and a casual one, making the tie an optional accessory.

These ones are the most important types of collars out there for you to impress, but they're definitely not the only ones.

There are other types of collar, like the Cuban Collar, the Mao Collar and the Band Collar. If you recognize them you'll know that they are worn without a tie, the main reason being that apart from the Cuban Collar, the others don't have flaps or even a collar. The Cuban does have a collar, but its not a proper one to be considered for a formal shirt. 

So when it comes to choose you may want to leave these options at home and use them for a really casual event or for a weekend reunion.

Now that you're an expert share your wisdom with others and look flawless in every occasion.

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