Men's Grooming

Let's talk about personal grooming. Maybe amongst some men this was a taboo topic, but now the men's care industry is growing. The average man has 7 products dedicated only to personal grooming.

But what is Men's Grooming? 

It's all about taking care of yourself; it's the modern approach men are starting to have again towards skincare and a healthier - good looking overall presentation.

I say start again because it's not something that is new, on the contrary, if we go a few thousand years back, we'll see that the Egyptians use to apply extravagant oils and creams in order to shield their skin against the sun. 

A few thousand years later the Romans laid the foundations for the modern spa; they used to take mud baths and developed oils and creams to cover blemishes and obtain a smoother looking skin.

Fast foward to today, and all those treatments were the basis of today's basic grooming.

Taking care of yourself is something that most of the time is self taught, the older generations weren't use to this type of daily routine, they had more of "A bar of soap will do the trick" kinda mentality.

If that's your case, don't worry! There are options for you from where to learn.

We all know the classic barber shop with a red and white spiral on the outside, they give you all kind of haircuts and shaves, but that's it, they don't target the modern lifestyle. Luckily, nowadays there are modern barber shops that you can call a Man's Cave (metaphorically speaking). There you can find everything that a normal barber shop has and more, like a manicure and a pedicure (without the nail polish, of course) and basic facials and moisturizers.

If you prefer to take care of yourself in the comodity of your home, we have the solution. There are skincare brands for after shaves, exfoliation and lotion from where to choose from like Kiehl's, Dr. Jackson's, and Clinique. There are even some fashion brands that have come out with their own line of products for skincare, like Tom Ford, Givenchy, YSL and Burberry.

You can also find different websites that are dedicated to grooming, where you could learn a thing or two. Keep in mind that grooming is not only focused on skincare, it's also about exercise and personal style, so you feel AND look good. I mean why bother getting a sharp-looking wardrobe if the rest is not equally well-attended?

There is another essential tip that we suggest on your overall grooming; having a distinctive scent. You don't need to have 8 different types, choose 2 or 3 that work well with you and that you love. Remember less is more, we're looking for a subtle smell that will make people notice you!

Hair products, washing your teeth, using sunblock, and being on point when it comes to body hair and keeping your nails trimmed, are also an important part of grooming.

Remember the sooner you start taking care of yourself the longer it will pay off!

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