How to match your tie to your shirt

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning and start getting ready for a big day, and all of a sudden you hit the same old question every morning, what tie do I wear with this shirt?

You don't want the same classic combination over and over again, specially now that printed ties are trending.


Luckily we've got some tips for you:

1. If you want to match different colors together for an everyday look, you need to use complementary colors; they're the ones on the opposite side of the color wheel. It may be a bolder option but trust us, it will look great!

2. When looking for versatile look the choice is going monochrome, meaning  using just one color and possibly its different shades. The monochrome style will make your outfit suitable for any occasion, it will add depth and you'll be ready for work in a heartbeat. 

3. Another great way to match is using warm colors with warm colors, and the same with the cold ones. If you're not so sure how to match them, use the adjacent color in the color wheel.

4. The last one is the hardest to apply but the stylish of all. Its based on a three color range and this is how it works; you take a regular 12 color wheel you select a color. You count 3 spaces and the color after the one you land on, is your second color. You then select the third color by repeating the last step taking as  starting point the last color. Now you have 3 different colors that look great together.


If you want to go a step further and mix different patterns together, check out the next rules.

1. Watch the proportion of the pattern. Mixing the same pattern is an easy way to start just make sure they're different dimensions. For example, a thin stripe shirt mixed with a large stripe tie works great for adding dimension.

2. Another way of doing it is by contrasting patterns. Here the key is to keep both patterns small. You can mix a stripe shirt with a dotted tie, keeping it fashionable and elegant.

3. This one may be the easiest one; mix a pattern shirt with a plain tie or vice versa. Its pretty easy just remember the color rules!

Now you can be at the point of your game so start matching and remember to have fun with the patterns.

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